Eating Banh Canh | Bread Soup| Ba Ria | Food Stop

VIETNAM | Eating Banh Canh | Bread Soup | Ba Ria | Food Stop | Vietnam | Bánh canh

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On the way to Vung Tau. We visited 2 places. At which we stopped to eat Banh Cahn. Translated from Vietnamese to English = Bread Soup

Location of this filming
Quan Goc Khong Co Chi Nhanh
657 QL 51, KP Huong Son, P. Long Huong, TP Ba Ria

Banh Canh Long Huong – Thuy
QL 51A 667 Long Huong – TP Ba Ria – Brut

Banh Canh – shrimp, pork, hard boiled qaal eggs, grilled chopped fish, fried onions, scallions, cilantro, pork broth, noodles, tapioca & rice flour.

Condiments: fish sauce, soy sauce, chili-fresh, satay, black pepper, limes, lettuce, bean sprouts, perilla leaves.

Bánh canh (banh is used as general phrase for cookies, pastry, bread noodles in this case banh canh is a type of “rice noodle soup”) is a thick Vietnamese noodle that can be made from tapioca flour or a mixture of rice and tapioca flour. “Cake” refers to the thick sheet of uncooked dough from which the noodles are cut.

Bánh canh cua – a rich, thick crab soup, often with the addition of quail eggs.
Bánh canh bột lọc – a more translucent and chewy version of the noodle.
Bánh canh chả cá – the dish includes fish cake and is popular in the South Central, Vietnam.
Bánh canh giò heo tôm thịt – includes pork knuckle and shrimp.[3]
Bánh canh Trảng Bàng – bánh canh made in the southeastern Vietnamese town of Trảng Bàng, served with boiled pork, tapioca noodles, and local herbs.
Bánh canh tôm – a shrimp-flavoured broth that is also mixed with coconut milk.
The Vietnamese word bánh refers to items such as noodles or cakes that are made from flour, and canh means “soup.”

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