GOLDEN BRIDGE Ba Na Hills Visit | Everyone Vanished!

VIETNAM | GOLDEN BRIDGE Ba Na Hills Visit | Everyone Vanished! | Bà Nà Hills | Danang Vietnam

Ba Na Hills Danang POST COVID19 Visit – SUN WORLD BA NA HILLS VISIT MAY 14th 2020

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Du Lịch Bà Nà Hills Đà Nẵng

Bà Nà Hill Station is a hill station and resort located in the Trường Sơn Mountains west of the city of Da Nang, in central Vietnam.

Sun World Ba Na Hills in Vietnam is one of the longest and highest non-stop single-track cable car in the world. The cable car ride to Ba Na Hills is 5 km up and 6 km down

Ba Na Hills is world know for the Golden Gate. (Giant hands holding up the walkway)
So we decided to Travel to Danang from Ho Chi Minh City to go to this well known tourist attraction.

On May 14th 2020, just under 2 weeks since the Ba Na Hill Park Reopened, we arrived.

However Ba Na Hills was not all that it seemed. Much of Ba Na Hills is still not operational. All Ba Na restaurants are closed. With very limited food stalls. The Amusement area is still closed. Full price of your ticket purchase is wasted. Included the free buffet with your 750,000 (Vietnamese Dong U.S$30.00 Entrance Fee)

The amusement area is all closed. Check out the video to see how disappointing it is. The only positive to the visit was not many people there.

Stay tuned for the Ba Na Wax Museum, and Ba Na Jurassic Video

Was it worth the money? NO not when everything is shut. The Sun World Website is very misleading. And the Staff there do not tell you a single thing

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